If you are looking for SEO in Chicago then you may be wondering how do you find the best Chicago SEO expert. The truth is there can be many ways to go about getting the best search engine optimization for your website but the most important things include not getting ripped off and not damaging your website. It is very important that you get a ROI from your SEO or else you will find yourself thousands of dollars behind in marketing costs.

Now you may be wondering how can you be 100% sure you are getting the best search engine optimization for your website. The truth is that internet marketing online is not cheap and not the most common skill. The best way to ensure you find a reputable SEO company is to ask the following questions:
  • What is your favorite SEO tool? (They should have an answer which includes the most popular SEO software such as MOZ, Majestic, ahrefs or SEMRush)
  • How long have you been doing Search Engine Adverting? (If they have not been doing ti for 5+ years it probably is not long enough)
  • Do you have an SEO blueprint? (SEO is niche specific. Results and strategy will very form client to client. Any reputable marketer should know this)
  • Are backlinks an important part of your strategy? (Backlinks should be an important aspect but if they do not mention on page optimization or social media or something other than backlinks then you could be in for spammy tactics or bad off page optimization)
  • Do you have previous clients or results to show me? (If they do not have previous results then run in the other direction. If they haven’t done it before they will not be able to provide quality search engine optimization now

Why is SEO Important?

Chicago SEO companySearch engine optimization should play an intricate part in your business advertizing and exposure. The truth is that since the early 2000, the internet has gained more and more important in the success of companies and organizations around the world. With he introduction of mobile internet, the power of search is now in every persons hand all hours of the day. When people are out looking for a place to eat, where to see a movie or even find their favorite brand in clothing, the internet is the first place they turn. Michael Milas is a local internet marketer which had already helped many companies with SEO and has showed them the importance of local search. If a local client is searching for your product or service on Google and you do not show in the firs page search results then you are losing business to your competitors. It is important to get the proper internet marketing expose for your business of you will be losing out on money.

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